Hi there. I'm Meghan Murphy-Gill. As a journalist, I write about religion, spirituality, and food. I also dabble in travel writing and pop culture criticism. My writing has appeared in the New York Times, Entertainment WeeklyNew York Magazine, Modern Farmer, the Chicago Tribune, the Utne Reader, and U.S. Catholic magazine, where I'm currently the managing editor. As a copywriter, my work has appeared everywhere from broadcast ads to textbooks. 

In the past I've run several food blogs and was the editor of Drive Thru, the food and dining section of (RIP). I'm also the creator of Drinking Woman, where my friend Mollie and I make and write about food and drinks, and interview other people who make food and drinks. 

I'm available for freelance writing and creative projects of all sorts: copywriting, content editing, writing articles, producing podcasts, sitting around a table and brainstorming. I'm familiar with AP and Chicago Style. I know how to adapt quickly to house style (I've even written an in-house style guide). I'm comfortable talking with acclaimed chefs to high school students. I call people on the phone. I knock on doors. I meet all deadlines. 

Get in touch by emailing me: